Selasa, 24 September 2013

Violence in Animated Movie

As we know that today our children are watching a lot of TV shows from many TV stations as well . A source says the average reading children see TV about 3 hours . This fact certainly makes us as parents feel concerned about the adverse effects arising from the TV show . Presumably there is an appeal was appropriate to accompany the children when they see TV . There is also a hint that shown on the TV screen as a code BO ( Parents Guidance ) on the TV show certain events .
Indeed, we recognize that many positive and beneficial things we can take away from a variety of TV shows itu.Namun the station many , not a few impressions that makes us not just let the kids watch TV without assistance .
One of the impressions that we should be aware of is the show that contains elements of violence , both action and dialogyang shown on TV . Passage of a same source mentions bahwaaction violence occurs 10 times every hour on TV , and most impressions for action violence cartoons , the postscript packaged for consumption anak.Film cartoon contains an average of 18 violent action every hour .
Filmkartun presented to children may seem lucu.Bagaimana not funny if the characters are there that extends his hand to be able to hit his opponent , his opponent continued to hit his head can rotate 180 derajat.Belum again when one of the characters hit the opponent up to his head and a precision coil . Funny indeed , but what's funny is absorbed only element children ?
We already understand very well that children love to imitate something that other people do or say . Children learn by imitating adult behavior and speech , whether he likes it or not . Children aged 2 years to 5 years many who do not know the difference between behavior that aired on TV with the behavior in real life . As a result , violent behavior in children can not be avoided .
In addition to the form of violent behavior , the cartoon also includes dialogues which are elements of the instrument of violence . For example , ' I hit you ' , ' you're dead ' , ' accept balasanku ! ' Even very terrible like ' I'll kill you ' .
Be our homework for parents and teachers to be as early as possible in order to instill manners , morals or ahlaq noble education to our children , in addition to the assistance of their time watching TV .